Website Templates

Why are many new online business startups paying hundreds of dollars for a web designer to build a custom website? Simple answer….because they are unaware of the existence of website templates. Even those who may actually know about website templates don’t understand how they can be used to save a bunch of time and money.

A website template is the easiest and most cost effective way to create your any online presence. While a custom designed website can take weeks or even months to complete, relatively inexpensive website templates can be published in a matter of a few days or hours. Plus, you can find numerous high-quality website templates online for less than $100.

There are a couple of different options for purchasing website templates online. You can choose to go with a membership based site that charges a monthly or one-time subscription fee which allows you to download their entire template collection. Or, you can find sites that deal on a one-for-one basis, selling the right to download a single website template for a single usage. Most of the single template companies provide two separate payment options. The most popular is the general rights. This option gives the buyer the right to use the website template to create one website. The other choice, called a unique price option, not only gives you rights to use the template, but they also agree not to sell the same website template to another customer. This means you’ll be the only one with that unique website template.

If you really want to save money, you can always go to one of the many free website template sites on the Internet. These templates are usually fine for those building a personal web presence. However, they are in no way unique and your website will have the same look and feel as hundreds of other websites.

Although website templates make establishing your initial web presence simple and inexpensive by using prefabricated layouts, it’s important to keep in mind the limitations involved. A website template is a tool used to create the physical appearance of a website. The layout can be used to display text and graphics for a basic website, or used in combination with other additional elements, such as databases and scripts. But, the website template itself will not include any of these features. So additional work may be needed to achieve any additional functionality you require. Everything considered, website templates are great as a foundation to which you can add your own scripts.

If all you need is to setup an informational type website that just displays content and has a number of content packed pages, then a website template makes it very easy to present your pages in a professional looking layout that matches the overall theme of your site. But, if you need to provide your website with additional functionality, then a website template will need to be edited to include whatever scripts, databases calls, etc. that will produce the desired results. Fortunately, most templates are easily edited to include this type of functionality.