Simple Website Templates

There are website templates, and then there are website templates. In other words, websites can be simple or they can be incredibly complex. The cost can run anywhere from free for a basic, simple website template, to up to several hundred dollars for a more complex, custom designed template.

Many new online business owners spend a lot of time looking for just the right website template, or trying to find a web designer who can impress their visitors with the most recent graphics technology. These site owners are actually more worried about creating a site that looks great instead of a site that achieves the site owner’s business goals. They usually spend their time modifying complex website templates when they would have been better served to just use a simple website template to begin with.

The truth is you can use a very simple website template to develop a more effective website that provides your visitors with quality content and easy navigation. But, many business owner will waste time implementing a complex website template while failing to realize that for many types of websites, complex graphics and animation do very little to prompt customer action. Additionally, graphics and other fancy features can always be added later if necessary once the site is up and running. When first starting out, it’s often far better to start with a simple website template and build on it later.

A simple website template is just a web template created from basic HTML code that provides clear navigation and a clean functional design that will help customers find the solutions they are looking for. While it’s true that flashy animation and graphics are usually impressive, they can sometimes hurt a website’s credibility if it is perceived as amateurish by visitors or potential customers. Starting with a simple website template is always a safer option.

You can save a lot of money by using simple website templates. Many of these templates can be downloaded for free or very little cost on the Internet. These free simple website templates can be used for personal or small business sites. Paid templates can be found for as little as $5 each and these simple website templates can give your site a nice professional look.

The great thing about these simple website templates is they can be modified with common editing software like FrontPage, Dreamweaver, Microsoft Word, NotePad, etc. You can find simple website templates that have been created for use with specific text editors. For example, FrontPage website templates are particularly useful if you know how to use Microsoft’s FrontPage. Using these simple website templates in conjunction with the editor makes it extremely quick and easy to design and maintain your website.

Keep in mind, most of the fancy website templates you see with lots of unnecessary graphics were probably created by graphic designers, not web designers. Although these fancy templates are attractive, you won’t find many of these business sites making any more money than they would have by using a simple website template. A custom designed site usually looks like the site owner spent a lot time and money…and usually they did.