PHP Website Templates

PHP website templates are files that consist of mostly HTML code. But, in addition to the HTML code, you can also designate certain variables to be overwritten with set PHP variables allowing your web page to be modified dynamically. Also, PHP website templates are easier to makes changes to and your website code looks a whole lot cleaner. However, all the server side processing that goes on tends to slow down the page load times. Once you realize how a web page can be split between multiple files using PHP, you are prepared to use PHP website template to set up your site.

Typically, many elements on any website are identical with the exception of the primary content. All of the other sections, like menus, headers, footers, etc., are usually the same. With PHP website templates you can exploit this similarity when making your actual templates. Each main page of a PHP website template contains several PHP code components called includes. These components are usually the static items used on all pages.

It’s important to keep in mind that PHP is actually a Hypertext (HTML) Preprocessing Language that is basically designed to create dynamic web sites. This software is a freeware product developed by The PHP Group. PHP website templates can found and downloaded from any number of websites on the Internet. PHP website templates are normally used to build websites, but they are sometimes used in application software.

As opposed to HTML, PHP is a dynamic and interactive program. PHP website templates let the user employ what others have already developed. These templates are fully programmable and execute instructions based on user input. PHP website templates are often used in conjunction with databases. When someone surfs to a website with a PHP website template, the PHP code accesses the database and retrieves the information. So the HTML code on the website doesn’t ever have to be modified, no matter how enormous the data gets. If your current HTML website just seems to keep getting larger and larger, perhaps a PHP website templates may be a choice you should consider over your current HTML templates.

One of the best things about PHP website templates is that once you master the program basics, you can always find additional material that will allow you to further develop your knowledge and website creation skills. PHP website templates are user friendly and the code used to create the sites is direct and easily comprehensible.

Though PHP website templates aren’t the most straightforward way to set up a website, they do save a lot of time in the long run. You’ll be able to make changes in one file and see the effect site-wide, irrespective of the number of pages. Even if your website doesn’t have identical sections on every page, you can still find portions of code which are always repeated. If used for nothing else, consider using a PHP website template for your links and menu items. These sections can change often, and you certainly don’t want to add a new item to every single page when something needs updating.

Finally, remember that you can use PHP website templates exactly as you like. There’s no reason the code must be divided in any certain way. The idea is to save time, so figure out what that means for you.