HTML Website Templates

HTML is programming code that can be inserted into a file for the purpose of displaying content within a web browser. This code instructs the browser on how to present web page images and text to the viewer. HTML website templates are a set of predefined files ready to be published and are easily edited. Typically, the only data you need to add to a HTML website templates to get a fully working website is your own unique content.

Nearly all website designers use templates of one kind or another. HTML website templates are foundation files used to create new pages for a website. They are prefabricated blanks containing information that will be viewable on every page of a website. Content for any new page is either placed within, or called to a document created from a common HTML website template.

One of the main advantages of HTML website templates are they can be edited easily with minimal HTML knowledge. The code in most templates is simple to understand and modify which allows you to convert the HTML website templates into your own unique web presence.

A HTML website template is a simple text file with an “.html” extension that contains a combination of tags, text, and scripts. You can use any HTML or text editor to create HTML website template files. Preferably, you would use a version of HTML that supports Active Server Pages (ASP), such as the Microsoft Script Editor which is included with Microsoft Word.

If you look around, you can find HTML website templates to satisfy just about any need. All of these may be edited using any standard HTML editor like Dreamweaver, FrontPage, Microsoft Word or even NotePad.

There are two frequent problems shared by many businesses. A lack of skilled webmasters and a need for standardization in webpage design methods. In the course of doing business, changes necessarily occur. Big changes in the life-cycle of a business frequently bring about site-wide changes. Content ranging from address, services, or inventory frequently need to be changed on all pages of a website at the same time. It’s a simple matter to change a HTML website template. When the modified template is applied site-wide, a well designed website can be radically altered very quickly.

Since the creation of one-click website publishing, the Internet hasn’t been the same. Even those who don’t have a technical background can create professional looking websites in virtually no time. Thanks to HTML website templates, the hard part of website designing is a thing of the past. These ready-made templates that provide easily customizable code eliminate the need for hiring a web designer. Site owners can not only save a lot of money, they can also give their creative juices some practical exercise.

Anybody can download simple HTML website templates from the Internet for free. These free web templates are particularly suitable for intermediates and beginners who can use them for personal pages or small business websites. Additionally, some pretty stunning paid HTML website templates are available for more advanced users at around $25 to $75.