Dreamweaver Website Templates

Dreamweaver website templates make building and editing websites fun and easy. These templates are used with the Dreamweaver HTML editing software made by Adobe. This program is a collection of visual layouts, application development components, and editing assistance that includes everything you need to maintain your website on a daily basis. If you want to make money marketing products and services on the Internet, then you need to have a logical look and feel to the web pages that will make up your web presence. Dreamweaver website templates make this a lot easier to accomplish.

Using Dreamweaver templates alleviates much of the tedious work of editing various web pages. You only have to create the template once and apply it to all the pages of your site. If you want to make modifications later, you just need to make them to the template and they are automatically applied to every page that is based on your original template. Dreamweaver website templates can save you an enormous amount of time by allowing you to select your favorite template, select some colors and then just publish the new page. These templates can be created with just about any combination of themes that a user could ask for.

While creating your own Dreamweaver website templates can be fun, it is still a little time consuming. If you want to save time and effort, many online web designers have already developed free or low cost Dreamweaver templates that you can download and use as your own. But, if you’re interested in creating a truly unique website, you will need to create your own Dreamweaver website template.

Before you get started, You first need to decide if a Dreamweaver website template is suitable for your project. You should use a Dreamweaver template whenever you need a group of web pages that share a theme with a common group of layout features. For example, you may want to use a Dreamweaver website template to define a set of pages with a 3 column layout, a common background, a shared menu bar or other standard page elements.

Here are the steps to creating a Dreamweaver website template:

1. Select the “File” menu, then select “New.” A “New Document” box will appear.
2. In the “Category” column click “Template” and in the “Template” column click “HTML Template”.
3. Select the “Create” button in the bottom right corner.

The template has been created. Now you can save it:

1. Select “File”, then select “Save”. A “Save As Template” box will appear.
2. Enter the filename you want in the “Save As” field and click “OK”.

The program will automatically create a “Templates” folder and save the Dreamweaver website template there. To populate the template, you need to start adding content. Adding content to a Dreamweaver template is the same as adding content to any other web page except you need to remember that your content will be duplicated on every page based upon the design of your website template. Now you’re ready to become a full fledged web site developer and start building web pages using your own Dreamweaver website template.